Monday, July 12, 2010

Knollwood Remodel

One of the key goals in developing the design for the renovation of this existing 50 year old residence was to provide a livable house which would frame and accentuate the owner’s extensive collection of Mid-modern furnishings and art while stretching and blending its existing character into a modern and clean 21st century version of the style. Poised on the edge of a deep ravine overlooking the beautiful Barton Creek, the core of the home centers on the kitchen. This particular space was artfully collaborated on with the home's owner, who is the owner and chef of one of Austin's premiere restaurants. Extensive living areas were recouped and added to from the home's original design. The master suite was taken to the second floor and wrapped in glass to take advantage of the coveted Texas Hill Country vistas. Approximately seventy percent of the original home was kept, replacing only the small existing kitchen and master bedroom. Material selections were chosen based on sustainable criteria to make this remodel a "green" gem as well as a museum of modern furniture.

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