Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Energy Efficiency Resolutions!

Happy New Year 2012! A new year always brings new resolutions…so what better time to share our checklist of the top ten home efficiency ideas for the new year?! So here we go:

1) Proper site orientation to the sun, wind, rain and topography

2) Tech foil at roof sheathing and light-colored roof material

3) Polycell foam attic spaces to form complete enclosed envelope

4) Properly sized and zoned HVAC systems with insulated rigid ductwork

5) Energy efficient lighting fixtures (LED) and dimming control systems

6) Properly sized overhangs at the correct locations to shade windows

7) Water collection system and tankless water heaters

8) Doing an air leakage test on HVAC system and plumbing

9) Use of daylighting and natural window ventilation

10) Windows to be double pane low E and caulked properly

If energy efficiency is important to you, this is a great checklist to go over when you are designing or remodeling your home. Our team is on a constant quest to implement not only the latest improvements in developing technologies, but to also continue utilizing these core design elements that create a sustainable and appropriate design.

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